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About Christine Broughal

As a Special Education Advocate, Christine Broughal strives to help families secure appropriate educational opportunities for students with special needs at both the individual and state level. Christine works directly with families advising them of their rights and options, teaching them how to effectively advocate for their child and, when necessary, advocating on their behalf directly with school and district personnel. She also works directly with legislators and disability advocacy groups drafting much needed legislation aimed at improving outcomes for all students with disabilities living in Texas earning her the title "Advocate of the Year" in 2017 from Texas Parent to Parent.

Christine has a true passion for her work and with good reason. As a person with a disability, a mother of two children with disabilities, an attorney, and a former certified teacher, she brings to the position a unique perspective and extensive skills set you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Christine was born with achromatopsia, a severe visual disorder rendering her completely color blind and visually impaired to the point of being legally blind. After spending a year in a school for the blind in New York City, she was “mainstreamed” into public school where she was provided special education services throughout her entire elementary and secondary education. Christine thus began advocating for herself at a very young age and continued to do so through high school, college and law school.


Christine moved to Texas with her husband and their two children back in 2001. It wasn’t long after her eldest child started attending public school that Christine realized her role as advocate was just beginning.

For over ten years, she has researched and studied local and Federal education laws.  As a parent and advocate, she has successfully handled numerous conflicts in Special Education as well as gifted and advanced education, RTI and Section 504 matters. At the State level, Christine continues her efforts, authoring or coauthoring several bills, providing public testimony and meeting directly with state leaders,  to affect systemic change in Texas special education.

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